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deviation in storage by MissLadyGrim
I love art in every way and form but the deviations in here in my opinion stood out! Hope you like them too!




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Dog With A Pearl Earring by rDeanL
Dog With A Pearl Earring
Photo of my dachsund mix dog, inspired by the famous painting of Johannes Vermeer, The Girl With a Pearl Earring

What Hurts the Most

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 7:46 PM

Hi everyone who might be reading this!

i know that there might not be very much of you or maybe none of you who are actually going to read this. That's okay. But if you are just bare with me please.
K so my topic is "What Hurts the Most" I know that you might not agree with my thoughts and that is all right. but i think what hurts the most is breaking up and separating. now, you might think this is about breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, i know that hurts but what hurts more is breaking up with your bestfriend. You know there will be a time when for some reason, you just separated and you don't even know the reason. that hurts more because how can you fix it if you don't know the problem. I don't know. it's kinda being emo. but still right?? it's just difficult.

now to something more positive. OH MY GAWSHNESS!! finished watching Kaichou-wa Maid Sama and I loved it! (what do ya say, I love rom/coms) also loved Arcana Famiglia! I love Nova he looked so much like Ciel it was so cute! also all of the characters are super goodlooking! and it's a reverse harem too! and I still can't wait for Kuroko no Basket season 2! I mean that episode made me yell and cheer at the screen in the middle of the night.(which i shouldnt be doing but what can i do?? It is PURE EPICNESS!!)

now i wanna talk about music! I'm not a super big fan of One Direction but it's not that I hate them. I actually like them. But not ultramegafangirl level. I think they're pretty cute. but I really loved their newest song written by the AMAZING Ed Sheeran, Little Things. I really love acoustic music. it is very refreshing and calming. just lovely! Also if you have the time check out this -->… it's an original by Luigi Yotoko. sadly he didnt finish the song but i really love it anyway.

so if you are one of the very few people who actually read this, then thanks for taking the time! may lots of love be on your way and just keep smiling! see you next time!

P.S. I think this is the longest journal I ever wrote ZOMG

Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino
Image by K.I.SakuraCherry
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I enjoy music. most genres work for me (It really depends on my mood)

I have an old soul. I appreciate literature, art, philosophy, history, and all those boring stuff. I don't know why but somehow it interests me.

I also really enjoy modern things like electronics, photo manipulation, three-dimensional modelling, and just being online.

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╚══`. ¸. anime and fantasy too. :)


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:iconmakawutplz::iconsays1plz:What's that supposed to mean, Soul? Scarlet-chan is an interesting person.
:iconsoulmmhmmplz::iconsays1plz:Unless you're into her procrastination.
:iconmaka::iconsays1plz:It's called having a life, Soul. Not procrastination. Besides what did she ever do to make you hate her?
:iconwtfsoulplz::iconsays1plz: Do you have any idea of how UNCOOL she wrote me out to be?!
:iconmakaderpplz::iconsays1plz:I don't see why not. The readers seem to like it.
:iconsoularghplz::iconsays1plz:WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!
:iconmakaplz::iconsays1plz:C'mon, Soul let's be reasonable here. I'm sure Scarlet--
:iconblackstarpissed::iconsays1plz:Scarlet. Scarlet. Scarlet. WHAT'S SO DAMN GOOD ABOUT HER WHEN A GOD LIKE ME IS MORE IMPORTANT?!
:icontsubakiwtfplz::iconsays1plz: But she does mention you in her stories so far!
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:icontsubakiblushplz::iconsays1plz:B-because I believe she will write amazing stories about... about u-us...
:iconblack-starplz::iconsays1plz:SHE BETTER! Or else I'm sending her to her grave early.
:icontsubakiblushplz::iconsays1plz:Th-that's not want I meant...
:iconkiddquoteplz::iconsays1plz:Forget it, Tsubaki. That ninja is only a good listener when any subject is relevant to his superiority.
:iconpattypeaceplz::iconsays1plz:Story time! Story time!
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:iconmakaalbarn::iconsays1plz:That's enough coming out of you today.
:iconkiddapprovedplz::iconsays1plz:Ahem, we as the Soul Eater representatives on Scarlet-chan's behalf, would like to thank you for watching over her.
:iconmakaplz::iconsays1plz:Please continue to keep watching her and support us!
:icontsubakiplz::iconsays1plz:I hope you will enjoy her stories, despite the amount of time it takes her to post it on here.
:iconlizthompsonplz::iconsays1plz:Trust me, you won't regret it.
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:iconblacksnaaaplz::iconsays1plz:I still believe I'm more important than any of you!
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